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The Method to my Madness

The Rougeski Reads review method was created because time slips away from us more and more quickly every year. As a result, the time we can allot for reading shrinks at the same speed. Because of this, readers must carefully choose which books deserve their time. In order to enhance their ability to choose wisely, many readers look to review sites to augment their decision making process. However, a good number of review sites, even highly respected ones, simply churn out simple plot outlines (that are very similar to the text on the back cover of the book) punctuated with a thumbs up or down graphic. Readers deserve more.

Rougeski Review Method mascot, Alphonse

In order to help readers make enlightened decisions, the goal of the Rougeski Reads review method is to offer a more in-depth analysis of novels. Yes, plot is very important. However, much more should be considered. With this in mind, reviews will address higher levels of analysis. These aspects will be visually broken down in a review box at the bottom of each review. Categories that will be considered include:

Plot: Is the plot intriguing and well thought out?
Characters: Are the players engaging, believable?
Setting: Is the setting interesting, and does it support the action and clearly contribute to the story?
Complexity: How deep is the text? A low score means that the read is quick and easy. A high score denotes higher reading levels which by their nature insist on a larger time investment by the reader.
Literary Quality: Does the text operate on more than a simple surface level? Does it make use of literary elements such as symbolism and foreshadowing and so much more?
Originality: Has this plot been used many times before, or has the author blazed a new trail that gives evidence of great creative abilities?

Last but not least, instead of the ubiquitous thumbs, Alphonse Alligator simplifies the whole process by offering sage advice to readers not interested in details or percentages. If Alphonse is smiling, he likes the book. If he gazes above and appears lost, he is undecided. If he glares at the book with an evil scowl, he is very unhappy with the book.

Rougeski Reads Section

Reviews that do not include the enlightened assistance of the discerning Alphonse were most likely written by guest reviewers.



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