Every night, vagrants, doctors, and millionaires go to bed hungry for something more than a gourmet meal, a Big Mac, or a hit of Mad Dog.  Unfortunately, few have the courage to give up the world they know to search for the knowledge that could feed their souls.

Behind Lace Curtains is a mystical, symbolic tale of a man’s unconscious quest for secular spiritual transformation.

The human psyche is an enigma composed of a conscious mind that specializes in dealing with concrete absolutes and an unconscious mind that is an obscure vault, teeming with mystical symbols that escape under cover of darkness, to haunt our dreams, daring us to acknowledge them. 

Behind Lace Curtains is visionary fiction, designed to function, like the psyche, on two separate yet symbiotic levels.  On the surface,Behind Lace Curtains is a supernatural tale of murder and revenge.  On a second level, the novel is a mélange of transformational symbols that reside in the collective unconscious. 

Jake Preston, photographer from New York,  has spent his whole life searching forsomething more, yet always hid behind his camera, always let the lens see for him.  Like so many of us, he craves the answer, but is terrified at the prospect of finding it.

When Jake is lured to upstate New York for a funeral, a pair of malevolent shape-shifters, Claude and Madeleine Devereux, convince him that he is more than flesh and bone, blurring the line of demarcation that separates reality from the dream world. 

Believing he is in on a quest to seek revenge, Jake travels to New Orleans, a maelstrom of color, masks, and depravity.  There, he begins to lose the fight to control the quickening contents of his unconscious. 

Read a small sample of the text.

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