Scare Me. Please.

It has been a very long time since I found a horror novel that scared me, really scared me, made me afraid to turn off the lights.  Hence, I am suffering from horror withdrawal; so please save me.   Cold turkey is hell.  I don’t know how much longer I can survive.

If you have written a novel that will force me to hide under my bed and fear for my soul, give me a holler in the comment section below.  For those who are shy, like the killer in Red Dragon, blast me an email.

Indie books are privileged.

Be sure to include a pitch, book details, and contact information. 

Hint:  Chop ’em up books are not scary.   Neither are zombies.  They are just very sad.  No porn, young adult, or girl-meets-boy love stories.  To qualify, a book must not be available online for free.  If an author does not think his book is worth anything, why should anyone else?  Writers must respect and uphold the value their art.  Most importantly, indies should stand together to uphold the validity of our revolutionary movement.

True horror is not about gore.  True horror hits us in the gut and makes us fear for our survival.  It makes us lock the door.  It makes us jump at unexpected sounds.

Scare me, please.  I’ve been a good girl.


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1 year ago

Oy I need to be scared to