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The Scavengers of Beauty: A Personal, Cultural, and Symbolic Exploration of the Moon Landing by Philippe Sibaud provides much more than the title suggests.  The book does in fact connect the mutating, reciprocal synergy of solar and lunar interactions to the symbolic naming of the moon landing; however, The Scavengers of Beauty is actually an expansive discussion of solar and lunar symbolism that leads readers on a comprehensive tour of this important, symbolic combination and its reflection in other fields such as modern western astrology, the tarot, alchemy, and most crucial of all, its historic connection to myth.

The Scavengers of Beauty is an inclusive, self-referential text that capitalizes on the author’s singular life events that model how the solar, lunar interaction might manifest itself in the life of one person.  Many readers will find themselves reexamining their own lives in search of answers to long-held personal mysteries by applying Sibaud’s example.

To support his views, Sibaud enlists the tenets of stellar, notables such as Joseph Campbell, Rupert Seldrake, and perhaps most importantly, Carl Jung, the master of symbolism.  Readers who are aware of these distinguished theorists will appreciate their inclusion, and uninitiated readers will be encouraged to examine the important views of noted intellectuals they might have never heard of.

Simbaud’s writing style is smooth, personal, and easy to read.  The book is divided into chapters organized in a mostly chronological pattern that clearly explains and connects the history of solar and lunar symbolism throughout history, focusing on different historical and cultural sources.  One of the most interesting chapters focuses on Hekate, who in recent times enjoys a significant resurgence in popularity. 

The Scavengers of Beauty: A Personal, Cultural, and Symbolic Exploration of the Moon Landing does not privilege a specialized audience.  Its chronological, wide-ranging content scaffolds the neophyte, leading him into a search for knowledge.  In addition, the author provides End Notes that include an extensive list of resources readers may access in order to continue their quest to understand the magic of symbolism, myth, and the collective unconscious.

It could be said that Sibaud is a timely, modern day Hermes who offers clues to hidden associations that will serve as an entrée into to a greater understanding of secrets long hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated.

This unique resource comes highly recommended to any reader who wants to engage his right brain, stir his imagination, and gain a greater understanding of once hidden knowledge that hides in the collective unconscious, waiting to be discovered.

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