Field Guide to the Spirit World | Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D. | Rougeski Review

Field Guide to the Spirit World by Susan B. Martinez, PH.D. is a remarkable eyeopener.  This scholarly document forces readers to reevaluate many long-held convictions.

A heartfelt foreword penned by Whitley Strieber leads readers into a world of possibilities many have never considered.

I would submit that Susan Makes an important argument in Field Guide to the Spirit World (Strieber).

Martinez does not simply take a surface tour of so-called supernatural, but instead she delves deeply into each topic, offering support for the facts with numerous real-life examples, all of which are supported by experts she quotes.  She covers issues such as earthbound spirits, out of body experiences, multiple personalities, psychic attacks, possession, poltergeists, hauntings, dybbuks, ESP, demons, malignant discarnates, angels, ghosts, possession by evil spirits, extraordinary experiencers, vampire spirits, and much more.  This is a text book of the supernatural, overflowing with a daunting amount of information.

Perhaps the most frightening element discussed is possession.  According to Martinez, it is more common than current opinion accepts.  She goes on to list the many ways people open the doors to intrusion by unwise practices such as drug use.

The most notable aspect of Field Guide to the Spirit Word is its extensive documentation.  Not only do these annotations support the validity of the information, but they offer a trail of bread crumbs that readers may follow to further develop their understanding of various metaphysical topics.

Field Guide to the Spirit World deserves serious consideration to those interested in baffling phenomenon.

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