Where Airy Voices Lead | by Piotr Bienkowski | Rougeski Review

Where Airy Voices Lead by Piotr Bienkowski is an unbiased, comprehensive, authoritative, scholarly examination of the historic, worldwide fascination with immortality—the one topic every sentient being has contemplated at least once.

Bienkowski sticks to documented historical facts and does not include anecdotal tales of individuals who claim to have experienced near death events.

The book is divided into sections that discuss issues such as resurrection, historical views on heaven and hell, reincarnation, transformation, and immortality.  Perhaps the most intriguing section might be the discussion of whether immortality should be considered a blessing or a curse.

The author, with total impartiality, examines international beliefs and customs from the beginning of documented history to the current time and takes into consideration the principles of many major and minor religions.  In addition, he is careful to see all sides of an issue and regularly discusses the opposing perspectives of religion or culture versus science.

Many readers will be surprised by the fact that a good number of widespread cultures who oppose each other on many issues, have similar views on immortality.  The author addresses this surprising fact and offers possible explanations.

Not only is the book a serious, elucidating discussion of immortality, but it is also a great resource for readers who wish to extend their quest for more information on the topic.  Bienkowski includes notes, a bibliography, an index, and a list of resources for further reading, thus creating a valuable resource, the perfect starting place for readers.

Readers interested in the question of immortality, for or against, will find Where Airy Voices to be an integral element in their search for knowledge.  It is recommended that all readers make sure to have a highlighter handy when they begin reading.  It will be needed.

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