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Millions of readers of a certain age harbor vivid memories of The Exorcist, a groundbreaking movie that cast permanent shadows in millions of minds (1973) .  The film placed the blame for the horrific possession on the actions of an imprudent teenage girl who invited a demon into her life by daring to use an Ouija board.

Confrontation with Evil documents LaChance’s quest for the truth, for what really happened and why.  Instead of taking an academic approach, the author chooses to write in a personal style.  Readers will feel that he is near, addressing them in intimate conversation.  Using the diary of one
of the priests involved with the exorcism, LaChance walks readers, step-by-step, through the actual events, explaining the typical phases of possession along the way.

Unlike the movie, the author does not place the blame for the possession on the victim, a young, unnamed boy.  Instead, he looks deeper, focusing on the people around the boy, thus uncovering disturbing, heartbreaking
alternate possibilities.  The text strips away the Hollywood hype that includes spinning heads and such.  Even so, the events of the real story are far more horrendous because they really happened.

The author does not stop with the events of the possession.  Decades after the actual events, shadows still haunt the places where the exorcisms took place.  LaChance guides readers through visits to each haunted location, some which have been preserved and held in secret for many years.

In order to supply readers with the basic information needed to understand this historic event, LaChance discusses and explains the significance of occult elements that include the power of numerical and geometric components.   He also defines the tenets of classic demonology and includes elucidating quotes from adepts such as Eliphas Levi and Aleister Crowley.

LaChance does not profess one absolute answer, but instead offers various views and allows the reader come to come to their own conclusions.

Readers still haunted by The Exorcist should give this book a read.

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