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self deliverance

Self Deliverance is a very interesting and surprising book.  The author, a messianic rabbi, defies eons of tradition concerning the subject of possession.  Universal theory pictures those who are possessed as totally helpless victims of dark forces and professes that their deliverance depends solely on the powers of traditionally trained exorcists.  Rabbi Schneider does not concur.  He states that those who are possessed have the power to protect and free themselves.

He begins explaining his unique healing process by listing the three major ways dark forces gain access into potential victims.  Most surprising is his belief that such events may have “generational patterns.”  He supports this theory with Biblical citations.  Steven LaChance hints at something similar in his book Confrontation with Evil.  In addition, Rabbi Schneider states that emotional wounds and traumas may also open a person to the invasion of darkness.

Rabbi Schneider goes on to explain his four-step deliverance process and finishes by discussing the need to correct long-held “deep thinking patterns” that create vulnerabilities, which may weaken a person.

Rabbi Schneider’s book offers empowering information that stands defiantly against tradition.  His views may not garner wide-spread support, but they deserve to be carefully considered.

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