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The Healing Art of Essential Oils by, Kac Young, PhD, is a comprehensive, well-organized, highly-researched, and documented book that focuses on the benefits of using essential oils.  In addition, it is equally accessible to both novice and expert users. The author’s smooth and friendly prose creates a pleasant reading experience for all.
This book is a perfect match for loyal Llewellyn fans since it links oil usage with astrological healing, chakra healing, massage therapy, and the creation of charms and talismans.  She also includes ritual uses.
In a time when just about every ache or anxiety has been medicalized and monetized by the medical establishment, the potential benefits of using essential oils may be more compelling than ever.  Young is careful to state that essential oils are not a replacement for standard medical care, but she does show how they can enhance standard care and possibly prevent a need for such care.  She carefully includes cautions and safety tips, and even translates uses into child-safe forms.

Young’s book is extremely user friendly.  It begins with a table of contents that connects to all the essential oils included in the book.  The text is thoroughly footnoted.  In addition, she ends with a glossary and an index that includes oils and potential uses. She also includes a list of internet sources and a comprehensive bibliography so that readers may expand their search for important information. All are hyperlinked in the Kindle edition.

Young begins by explaining what essential oils are, their histories, and how they are created.  All the essential oils documented are separated into three sections so that beginners can master their own learning process in a way that makes sense.

Each essential oil has its own section that lists aspects such as its Latin, French, and Spanish name, and often included are its gender and ruling planet.  Next explained are its properties, benefits, background, and uses.  One of the most helpful sections includes over one hundred recipes that combine multiple oils that magnify each other’s healing or life-changing potential.  Subjects range from simple “relaxation” to the ever-popular concern: “weight loss.”

Anyone interested in learning to use essential oils should seriously consider adding The Healing Art of Essential Oils to their library.  It will no doubt become their most-reached-for resource.

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