Louisiana Flood of 2016

Louisiana Flood 2016
The view from my front door, August 13 at high noon. Luckily, I had long ago built myself a Cajun row boat (pirogue). Not so luckily, I had no rope to use for tie-downs. So, I had to get creative before the current could take my boat away. ©

Louisiana Flood of 2016

What can one say about a flood like this?

We did not see it coming.

Sure, we saw weather reports.  Hurricanes, we take seriously.  We rush to stock up on supplies, leaving store shelved ravaged.   Big deal, we can handle a little rain, a little flood.  But this was more than a little rain.  It was a deluge of almost Biblical proportions.

We did not see it coming.

I, for one, was not prepared.  Yes, I had a boat in case I had to evacuate.  However, I had no oars or paddles or rope. . . .

But the one thing I did have, what most of us had, was each other.  In Louisiana, people stick together.  It’s not like that everywhere else.  Really.

Just before my truck could be totaled by rising water, a former student and his dad came rumbling down the flooded road on a tractor and took my truck home with them to high ground.  They did the same for my neighbors, even though they had never met, did not even know their names.  Those of you who watched the news coverage of the flood saw many videos of everyday people risking their own lives to save total strangers and their pets from rushing water and certain death.

Once the waters recede, those very same people will band together to help those who lost everything.  Everything.  This sort of behavior gives us faith in the nature of humanity.

Will it always be this way?  I wonder.

Guess I better go out and buy some rope, life preservers-one for me and one for my puppy, flashlights etc.

What if we look at this event as an omen, a warning to be prepared for something else, something much more dangerous?

What is it that looms on the horizon, the next test or tragedy, the next behemoth we do not yet see coming?

Will we be prepared?  Will we stick together or will we turn our backs on each other?

If we remember who we are and stick together, we can meet any challenge.

Pondering the dark, divisive possibilities of the unforeseeable future of our country, I fear the possibility that we may very well lose everything.  Let’s not let that happen.

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