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by Morgan Daimler is a concise gem that presents a perfect balance between an interesting entry into the legend of Odin and elucidating academic exploration.   Unlike many of its genre, in Odin, critical issues are well documented and important sources are listed in a bibliography, thus not only validating the content, but offering readers curated paths toward deeper research.  This lends an aura of authenticity, trust in the content and the author’s voice.

Not only is this book filled with a great wealth of solid information, but it is highly entertaining.  It reads like a personal conversation with a friend.  The author has chosen to limit the content to the most interesting and definitive elements critical to understanding this complicated, contrary divinity.

Unlike the more familiar deities of ancient Rome and Greece who were known for one or two powers or associations, Odin, the all father, appears to be an all god.   His skills and personality traits are multifaceted and often contradictory.  Known for prophesy, madness and frenzy, he is a creator, a knowledge seeker, a warrior, the god of poets, of battle, of cunning, and much more, some of which are reflected in his many epithets.

Daimler introduces readers to Odin’s fascinating family, then goes on to outline his place in the Norse pantheon and compares these facts to his German mythology, thus clearing up possible confusing misconceptions.  The chapter on Odin’s symbols, animals, and items is arguably the most interesting.   From time to time, the author speaks directly to the reader, connecting ancient beliefs with the modern and outlining her own personal practices as a follower of Odin.

After reading this book, many readers will hunger for more information not only on Odin himself, but on the entire pantheon of Norse deities and their fascinating legends.  In addition, fans of American Gods should read this book in order to find a deeper understanding of Mr. Wednesday, one of the main and most cryptic characters of Gaiman’s modern mythology.

Odin by Morgan Daimler is a wonderful way for readers reach out to Odin and his intriguing legend.  Odin, is highly recommended.

Publisher:  Moon Books

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